Our mission

Phlo Systems (former Satoshi Systems) was founded with an aim to provide intuitive, easy-to-use, inexpensive SaaS to the physical commodity trading industry.

Over the last few years, Brexit, global pandemic, and geopolitical tensions had a tremendous impact on international trade which accelerated the need to improve industry related inefficiencies.

With our three key product solutions; opsPhlo, finPhlo and tradePhlo, we aim to streamline trade, finance and customs management, making it more secure, transparent and cost-effective.

A digital system for a world without borders

tradePhlo is a cloud based customs compliance solution that is on a mission to help SMEs in the UK to do their first self customs declaration in the coming years due to changed customs regulations affected by Brexit.

tradePhlo will be the development focus of this investment round as Brexit and the change in HMRC IT systems mean that an additional several million customs declarations will be done for the first time by UK traders on the new Customs Declaration Service system.